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Project Description


Watches are marvellous objects involving a great many difficulties and work with numerous different materials (metal, carbon, leather, glass and silicone) all within an extremely limited space.

Ice Steel 

raidillon visuel printemps 2018
visuel raidillon hiver 2017

 Raidillon – visuals

concept tintin montre rouge
concept tintin montre noir

Tintin watches

ice time brown

CLIENT : Ice-watch
MISSION : launch of the new Ice-time range.
MISE EN VALEUR : leather environment concept and
highlighting bronze metal and domed glass.

Ice city sparkling paillette
montres watches ice loulou escarpins

CLIENT : Ice-watch
MISSION : launch of the new Ice-Loulou range.

montres watches ice loulou glinter
montres watches raidillon
montres watches raidillon vert
montres watches gros plan 55 raidillon
mecanisme montre raidillon
dos montre raidillon
montres watches ice watch 10 atm water resistant blue
montres watches patton ficelles
montres watches patton
montres watches ice city rose
montres watches ice watch 10 atm water resistant black
ice watch grise