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Project Description


We should not overlook the fact that the success of a culinary shoot is determined by a number of factors such as how the culinary style is associated with that of the accessories. What’s more, the choice of focus will have a significant impact on the end result while lighting will ultimately shape the atmosphere of the visual. If lighting has a significant impact on the quality of a “Food” image, the styling aspect, both from the point of view of the food and the accessories, will be decisive.

Couplet Sugars

Puratos – Moroccan bread

puratos printemps2018 tarte chocolat

Puratos – Easter 2018

Puratos website
puratos printemps2018 fleurs framboises
puratos gateau paques2018

Great food

great traiteur asperge
great traiteur americain
great traiteur dessert pomme
great traiteur dessert framboise
Great food website

CLIENT : Puratos
MISSION : recipes symbolising springtime and Easter. (2017)
MISE EN VALEUR : varied styling conducive to a fresh and light atmosphere

Puratos website
Photographie culinaire Puratos nid de paques au myrtille prise de vue en plongée
Photographie culinaire Puratos nid de paques au myrtille prise de vue en trois quart
Photographie culinaire opera puratos
Photographie culinaire verrine puratos
Photographie culinaire vietnam gateau puratos
Photographie culinaire buche chocolat
Photographie culinairegros plan buche
puratos buche ananas
puratos mignardise
Photographie culinaire falafel
Photographie culinaire carpacio
Photographie culinaire le framboisier