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Project Description


The curves of the bodywork, the chrome and contrasts of a car can only be emphasised by the highest calibre of lighting work. Add to that the exact choice of which focus to use, as well as a camera angle to capture the vehicle at its most appealing.

honda nsx gt33-4 fr
Making off
honda nsx gt3 face fr
honda nsx gt3 arriere
honda nsx gt3 profil
honda nsx gt3 top shot
gros plan phare honda
gros plan honda vaillante

CLIENT : Honda France
MISSION : mirroring of the special “Vaillant” series and Wtcc Art car which are decorated and presented for the 24hour Le Mans race. 
MISE EN VALEUR : bring these “michel vaillant” cartoon decorated cars to life.

honda face wtcc en
alpha rouge
alpha rouge top shot